Breath of Life

Breathing is an expression of life, the pulsation of all that exists.  Everything in creation breathes.  It is the movement of the stars, the planets, the earth, the ocean waves, and the wind in the trees.  This living breath is the same breath that exists within our bodies.  Breathing connects our awareness to every movement, every thought, and every emotion we have.  How we breath is how we live. And the way we breath can allow us to recover our wholeness: our balance simply means restoring our memory of wholeness – connecting us back to the source of our consciousness.  This recording is about breathing.  Let it be inspirational and meditative.  Use it as a tool for self-exploration.  Allow it to be a companion as you learn to open your awareness, heal your emotions and get in touch with the rhythms of your body.


You may start and stop the recording anywhere you want.  It is for you to use any way you wish. 

Dr Susan Kriegler

Educational Psychologist

181 Beckett Street, Arcadia, Pretoria, 0083, South Africa