Major Achievements

  • Frequent CPD workshop presenter for the South African Association of Clinical Hypnosis, a Division of the Psychological Society of South Africa.

  • Served on the Professional Board for Psychology, chaired its Ethics Committee, and served on the HPCSAs Committee for Continued Professional Development.

  • Presented seminars / workshops to top management on personal development, stress management, leadership, and work vision.

  • During her academic career supervised 35 Masters and Doctoral dissertations.

  • Among a long list of books and international articles, co-authored Multicultural Counseling in a Divided and Traumatized Society.

  • Received the Psychological Association of South Africas Presidents Award for crucial contribution to transformation within the profession on a national level.

  • And one she is probably most proud of: Bungee jumping at Bloukrans - at the time, the highest Bungee Jump in the world


 For the past 22 years Dr Susan has run a successful private practice based on her belief that most people who consult a shrink are not sick, as well as her passion for positive approaches, such as: 



  • Educating people in self-awareness and self-acceptance

  • Nurturing behavioral competence and flexibility

  • Supporting personal and organizational excellence

  • Teaching empowering beliefs, wisdom and vision

  • Promoting motivation, decision, change, learning, and love

  • Assisting couples to build conscious, intimate, and committed relationships

  • Enabling parents to teach their children self-control, self-discipline, and responsibility

  • Helping people heal from trauma, loss, and childhood wounds

  • Enhancing emotional and spiritual intelligences

  • Teaching the arts of relaxation and meditation

  • Eliminating unconscious thinking patterns and other obstacles to success

  • Developing lateral thinking and effective communication skills

  • Unlocking the brains potential for high-level problem solving

Dr Susan Kriegler

Educational Psychologist

181 Beckett Street, Arcadia, Pretoria, 0083, South Africa