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Online therapy

One of my clients on online therapy: "What I love most about our online sessions, is that I never have to sit in traffic to get to you. It's now part of my Friday morning routine, just in between showering and getting ready for work."


As with everything in life, online therapy has a few challenges. Poor internet connections and power failures are possible bugs. Its not a replacement for in person consultations, but rather a convenient substitute. If there is any reason online sessions don’t work, do continue your  therapy in person. 


There are a few checks to ensure that we have a fabulous online session. Your computer / cell phone / tablet should be fully charged and updated with the latest software. If there are planned power outages in your area, please book your appointment accordingly. Your space should be private, peaceful and without disturbances. Headphones are recommened, but not a requierment.

Building a life in a foreign country can be difficult. Talk to someone from home! I have clients in more than 7 countries, and they all started out by wanting to talk to someone from home.

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South African Expats

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