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How To Seduce The Brain

How to release painful emotions and seduce the brain into producing its own antidepressants and sedatives

Do this meditation / visualization (at least) twice a day

Be sure to do it before you fall asleep and also before you open your eyes to start the day


Listen to all the sounds - also hear the silence between the sounds.

Using stomach muscles and by relaxing the chest, breath deeply and slowly

6 Breaths per minutes

Relax hands, stomach, face, lips, jaw and tongue

Emphasize the exhalation


Continue to breathe slowly and listen while you draw your focus inwards

Notice the sensations and emotions in your body and the thoughts that appear on the screen of your mind

Just observe and drop all resistance to where you are right now

Remember that love, blessing and praise dissolve all negativity and what you resist will persist

So accept, embrace, love, bliss and celebrate each sensation, emotion, thought, memory or plan or whatever appears in awareness

Love, embrace, bless and celebrate your self for having those thoughts, sensations and emotions

Do this for about 10 - 15 minutes


Now that you are feeling a lot more peaceful, using all your inner senses - see, hear, feel, touch and smell - vividly imagine something that symbolizes the way you desire to feel, i.e. peaceful, joyous, confident.

This will help your brain to grow peace and joy producing neuronetworks and produce the chemical molecules you need.

Imagine a beautiful tree or a fountain in the centre of your brain. Imagine jets of brightly coloured sparkling water or light cascading through your brain and down into your body.

Hold the intention that trillions of feel good molecules are being created and dispersed throughout your nervous system.

Do this for about 10 - 15 minutes

Be patient

It takes time, perhaps a few months, to permanently alter your brain's electrochemical pathways and physical architecture

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