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5 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power: Number 2 - Train It

5 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power: Train It

Brain Workout

Neurons that fire together, wire together. Every time you solve a problem, or learn a new skill, you give your brain a bit of a workout. The brain is constantly rewiring itself depending on which parts are frequently used and which parts fall into disuse.

When we learn, our brains form new dendrite branches and connections. When those connections are reinforced often enough, they grow a myelin sheath allowing faster neuronal transmission. What this means is that we can train our brains to think faster, smarter and better.

The trick is to challenge ourselves every day by teaching our brains to process increasingly complex information.

Reading is an excellent brain-building exercise. Try to read something you wouldn't normally read, which requires a bit of effort to understand. Most bookstores have books on popular science, history, philosophy or art.

Problem solving tasks such as brain teasers, crossword puzzles, Sudoku, chess, bridge or word or maths puzzles are fun and can be done with friends.

Learning a new skill is a fantastic brain workout. Try learning a new language, take a cooking class, take up knitting (it's very relaxing!) or join a martial arts class.

Play memory games such as Trivial Pursuit to flex those memory muscles.

Do Neurofeedback to enhance powers of of focused concentration and intuitive problem-solving.

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