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Affirmations for Relationships

An affirmation is a positive thought that you can consciously choose to immerse in your consciousness to achieve a desired result. It is also like a prayer that you impress on Infinite Spirit. Saying an affirmation or writing it is a way of loving yourself. Ultimately, it is a good idea to BECOME an affirmation. Then you are in a constant state of prayer. One day that will happen naturally. In the meantime, you more or less have to train your mind. Saying and writing affirmations is a very spiritual and powerful thing to do; however, it is important to remember that “love brings up anything unlike itself.” Since doing affirmations is a way of loving yourself, anything in the way of having a new result in your life will present itself to be dealt with.

Say these affirmations for your relationship out loud:

I love myself, therefore others love me.

I am highly pleasing to myself in the presence of others.

I am willing to accept love and stop resisting.

It is safe to surrender to love.

Love is my safety.

I am willing to let myself be supported in love.

Love always heals me.

I always get what I want, and I only want good things for me.

I only attract loving, good people.

I no longer suppress my feelings. I express my feelings to others easily.

I now choose pleasure in my life. Pleasure leads to more pleasure.

I love God and I love life; therefore, everyone loves me totally.

I now have a success consciousness.

I forgive my mother for her ignorant behaviour toward me.

I forgive my father for his ignorant behaviour toward me.

I am ready to experience compassion, love, and friendship with my parents, no matter where they are.

I no longer attract mates who are my parents. I now attract mates in harmony with my highest spiritual thoughts.

I forgive myself completely. I am innocent.

I no longer need to fail to get even.

I am no longer a helpless infant. I love being grown-up and taking responsibility for my creativity.

I am willing to let go of the struggle in relationships and allow myself to be loved.

My body is young and healthy, and I am healed.

It is safe to indulge in all my favourite pleasures in my relationship.

The more I pleasure myself, the closer to remembering God I am.

I forgive my family for being confused about sex. I forgive them and myself for suppressing sexual feelings.

I am willing now for suppressed incestuous feelings to surface safely and pleasurably.

My negative patterns are now dissolving effortlessly.

Since what I think about expands, I think only about the good things and breathe out the negative things.

I love rebirthing myself with my partner and we remember to do this often.

My life urges are stronger than my death urges, and as long as I continue to strengthen my life urges and weaken my death urges, I will go on living in health, happiness, and in great relationships.

I am now changing my most negative thought about myself to______________________.

I am now changing my most negative thought on relationships to ______________________________

My partner and I always have and enjoy ever-increasing love, health, happiness, wealth, wisdom, harmony, full self-expression, sexual bliss, and physical immortality.

My past is complete. Everything is resolving itself harmoniously.

All my past relationships are now clearing up easily and pleasurably.

My partner and I give each other abundant psychic space in which we feel comfortable.

I now take responsibility for my feelings of jealousy and do not blame it on my state.

The more self-esteem I have, the less jealousy I have.

My sex life improves daily.

Since people treat me the way I treat myself, I am now treating myself fabulously.

I am a beautiful loveable person, and I deserve love.

Every day, and in every way, I am more and more able to receive.

All of my relationships are now loving, lasting and harmonious.

I am always being nourished in my relationships.

My communication is always clear and productive in my relationships.

I always treat my partner with the utmost kindness.

My partner and I easily surrender to the highest spiritual thought.

We now always handle our anger in appropriate ways.

We both always tell the truth as fast as we can.

Every day we express, verbally and physically, more and more love to each other.

Our relationship gets more and more exciting every day.

Every day and in every way, we become closer and closer.

Every day our relationship becomes more and more romantic and immortal.

Every day we are feeling more passionate and healthier.

I give thanks daily for this partner and I acknowledge myself for creating this relationship.

My partner and I serve God together and express the Spirit in high fashion by sharing our life and light with the world.

Our relationship is filled with joy and fun and miracle consciousness.

Our relationships become perfect as we become perfect.

I can easily create new relationships whenever I want by the power of my mind.

The more beautiful my thoughts are, the more beautiful people I attract.

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