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Get Out of That Rut

Oscar Wilde once wrote:

"Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative."

So, stop getting up at 6:05.

Get up at 5:06.

Walk a mile a dawn.

Find a new way to drive to work.

Switch chores with your spouse next Saturday.

Buy a wok.

Study wildflowers.

Stay up all alone all night.

Read to the blind.

Start counting brown-eyed blondes.

Or blondes.

Subscribe to an out of town newspaper.

Canoe at midnight.

Learn to speak Italian.

Teach some kid the thing you do best.

Listen to two hours of uninterrupted Mozart.

Take up aerobic dancing.

Leap out of that rut.

Savour life.

Remember, we only pass this way once.

May today be the day, my friend, when you remind

your Sacred Self that you deserve to savour your life today.

To savour THIS moment.

To be grateful for your precious life and

the souls you have touched and

who have touched you.

Ask yourself these questions:

"How can I do something today to help me feel free?"

"How can I add to the life of a child or someone in need?"

"How can I allow myself to be in the present and

breathe in the splendour and

the beauty all around me?

And in me?"

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