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How to Handle a Difficult Emotion

Describe the emotion as a sensation in your body, for example a “burning feeling in my chest.” If you are alone, touch each one of your acupressure points while you visualize a colour (green or blue) that flows from your brain, through your body, and softening, lifting and wiping away the sensation.

Acupressure points: Crown, forehead, above your eyebrows, corners of your eyes, under your eyes, upper lip, chin, under your collarbones, centre of chest, underarms, ribcage, the corner of each fingernail, karate chop point, snuff cavity and top and bottom of your wrists.

Say the following, in your mind, or out loud:

“Even though I feel this (burning sensation), I accept myself 100%.”

“Even though I feel this (…), I love myself deeply, truly, unconditionally.”

“Even though I feel this (…), I am still a wonderful and valuable human being.”


“Even though I feel this (…), I am now ready to let go of this feeling and be free of it.”

*Artwork by Michael Parkes

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