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I Wonder....

I wonder about where I might find the compass to guide my steps, a light for the darkness and courage to remain authentic and vigilant, no matter what the consequences might be.

I wonder what my life would look like were I able to be present in each moment and give my undivided attention to every activity, to each relationship, each challenge, each experience, each lesson. Somehow I suspect the essence remains hidden in all of this and we do not see it because we are preoccupied with complacency instead of being inspired by aliveness.

So the question, I guess, is how to be available form the depth, the most distant, buried and subtle recesses of my soul to fulfil my potential, to exceed my wildest dreams and to go beyond what society expects of me... because life and living is a daring adventure. Life is not a process of discovery but one where we are recreating ourselves. Each stage of my life is a stepping stone for the next stage. I just need to be quiet long enough to sense what I am required to do next, which creative process in unfolding within me.

Our physical being is a small expression of who we really are. The bigger part of who we really are is the soul, but it is invisible and so we forget that part of ourselves. The part of us that is touched by beauty, love and truth, is our soul. This is the part of us that requires nurturing and nourishing, so that

our purpose and passion do not retreat in hiding. So that we do not die having had an unlived life, a life with many years yet a life that remains empty, unfulfilled and invisible. I invite you to give yourself permission to be visible in your relationships, in life and all that it gives you as a present and as a tribute to your passion and purpose.

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