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Life Vision Affirmation

I have gratitude for the perfection and wholeness of my life.

I re-conceive myself in love and passion with intention and desire.

I am engulfed in divine, sacred energy.

I am safe!

I lovingly accept my family and thank them for the empowerment

lessons they have taught me. I forgive and release them, and

thank them for forgiving and releasing me.

I enjoy glowing and energetic health, and care for myself through

good diet, meditation, exercise, play and creativity.

I cherish my warm and loving relationship with my partner.

My destiny is to marry the Alexander technique with emotional

behaviour and to pioneer this understanding with enthusiasm,

divine inspiration and confidence by teaching and writing about it.

I attract amazing pupils and appreciate the remuneration (financial

and spiritual) that I receive from them.

I have a vibrant sense of self, encompassing and honouring the

light and the shadow aspects of myself. Owing to this, I come from

a position of love and compassion in every experience.

I attract loving people into my life; all relationships are meaningful

and harmonious.

I live my life with structure, curiosity and balance; and eagerly

learn from all my experiences, knowing that I have created all that


I express my needs and desires to myself and to others with


I trust myself; my inner guidance, wisdom and faith.

I am refreshed in the quiet and peaceful times when I can further

explore the intelligence of my BEING!

I acknowledge with awe the perfection and precision of my life.

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