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How to seduce the brain to change its mind and how to coax it to produce its own natural antidepressants and sedatives

Do this meditation twice a day. This process is especially fruitful if you do it just before your sleep & also before you open your eyes to start the day.

Three Steps:

  1. Relax, breathe and listen

  2. Mindfulness mediation

  3. Focus meditation

Step 1 - Relax, Breathe & Listen

Relax your hands, face, eyelids, jaw, lips, tongue and vocal cords.

Breathe deeply and slowly. Relax your chest, use your stomach muscles.

Emphasize the exhalation.

Pause 3 seconds before the next inhalation.

12 seconds per breath cycle - 5 breaths per minute.

Listen & hear all the sounds in your environment without judgement or resistance.

Expand & soften your consciousness.

Become aware of the silence and the vastness of space that surround you and stretch into infinity.

Step 2 - Mindfulness Meditation

Maintain breath awareness and expanded awareness and now draw a part of your focus forward.

Observe the sensations and emotions in your body without identifying them.

Observe thoughts that appear on the screen of your mind without getting involved in them.

Soften your body and your mind.

Drop all resistance to where you are right now.

Just observe, accept, forgive, love and welcome each sensation, feeling or thought that comes.

Acceptance, forgiveness and love eventually dissolve all negativity.

As you accept, love and embrace your thoughts and feelings, you are accepted, loved and embraced by the space and silence that surround you.

You are also supported by the vastness and peace of your expanded awareness which you may experience as your higher self and / or higher power.

To help you relax, remember that the ugly bits of the human ego; unnecessary fears, unrealistic expectations and foolish desires, as well as your childhood misperceptions and distorted blueprints can be dissolved in the light of detached awareness.

This automatically makes space for wiser thoughts and higher visions which bring you joy, love and peace.

Do this for about 10 - 15 minutes.

Step 3 - Focus Meditation

Continue to breathe slowly and deeply and remain aware of the sounds and the silence in the air and space that surround you.

Although after the first phase of the meditation you feel a lot more peaceful, the contents of your mind may still be turbulent and there may still be painful emotion.

Begin to use the discomfort you feel as the energy for the transformations you desire.

Remember that pain is your best friend.

It is a signal that something - your thinking - needs to change and it is the energy for that change.

To support this miraculous capacity of your brain, to use pain for inner transformation, use all your inner senses and vividly imagine something that symbolyzes how you want to feel.

The transformation may be a natural metamorphosis or it may be a transmutation, a magical process or a miracle.

You can imagine you are assisted by the inner love of your higher self, by your inner wisdom or an inner guide. By quantum physics, angels, Holy Spirit, God, white light or whatever makes sense to you.

This will help your brain to grow peace and joy producing neuronetworks and produce the chemical molecules that you can buy at the pharmacy (or from your dealer), to support the emotions you desire.

Imagine your transformation from depression to lightness and joy.

Imagine emerging from loss and grief into comfort and healing.

From stress to calm and gratitude.

From the body you are ashamed of to the body you desire and deserve.

From worry to wealth and abundance.

From guilt and shame to innocence and self-love.

Imagine the change from shame to self-worth and confidence.

From jealousy, envy and rage to joy, love and peace.

From I am not good enough to I am a sacred expression of life and the Divine.

From love is painful to love is joyful and fulfilling.

From the marriage my parents had to the marriage I create

From I am the child of my parents to the person I would have been if I had had the perfect parents.

From life is a meaningless struggle to life is the perfect balance between gifts and challenges.

From defensiveness to using hurt as an opportunity to grow emotionally.

From I am my personality to I am my higher self.

From a thought system based on fear to a thought system based on love.

Do this for about 10 - 15 minutes or until you fall asleep.

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